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  • UK’s most effective insourced Umbrella service, customised by you
  • Agencies enjoy the freedom of setting your own price
  • Full compliance, increased savings

For Contractors

Highest take-home pay

Lowest cost Umbrella service in the UK

Hassle-free employment

Dedicated employee portal available 24/7

For Agencies

Better return for contractors, more Umbrella users

Fully employed workforce without status or HR issues

Optimum Insurance for employees

Future proof, simply outsourced payroll and employee management system

Award-winning customer support

Project management expertise with real time visibility

Providing peace of mind for contractors

Online portal 24/7


Implementation Team

  • Project management
  • Expertise
  • Real time visibility

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Insourced Umbrella
Better for Less

Telesales Team

  • Welcoming contractors
  • Reassuring and informing
  • Hassle-free transfers

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